Ryan Mollen

I started off like most, growing up in a family catering company (Clines Catering) at a young age and developing my love for the hospitality industry then. Growing up in Upstate NY it was limited to what you could do. Most weekends I spent working for a family catering company and built up my initial skills and desire to be in restaurants.

I wanted to become a little bit more well rounded so I attended SUNY Plattsburgh, majoring in Hotel/Restaurant/Tourism Management. There I expanded my knowledge of not only how to cook, but how to actually operate restaurant/hospitality establishments. I worked for a local family owned company that operated two restaurants: The Naked Turtle & Olive Ridleys. I learned that operating a restaurant was more than just cooking great food, you actually had to market it!

After my tenure there I wanted to see what the South had to offer and moved to Charlotte, NC. Shortly after I linked up with Norm and began my career at Dilworth Grille. Working side by side with Norm we had a lot of great times, including a TV appearance on 'Flip My Food' with celebrity Chef Jeff.

Realizing my Hollywood bound success was short lived, I again decided to branch out and learn new skill sets accepting a position performing digital marketing sales for a nationwide media company. Learning how to develop my sales and communication skills are a huge attribute to relate back to the hospitality industry. And which is some of the reason I was brought in to help launch this company Fresh Med!

Working alongside Tyler, Norm and Chris over the past couple of years we all realized that we all contain the same drive that it takes. We all have that work ethic and drive that will make anything successful. And because of all this I am proud to be a part of the Fresh Med team!