Christopher Alves

I was born in France to Portuguese immigrants in December of 1971. We migrated to the US in 1978 to Rhode Island. I grew up in R.I. during the school year and then in Portugal and the rest of Europe during time off.

My family always had small businesses and I worked in our auto body shop after school and then cooked dinner in the evening with my mother, before l worked for a couple of hours on any special projects my dad and I had at home, before homework and bed. I was lucky enough to have a strong family bond with my entire family and was never far from the kitchen.

I've been working in restaurants since I was able to, and on the side building and restoring cars and motorcycles. No bikes for me right now, but that will change soon. I've traveled all over Europe and have experienced and learned many different cooking techniques. I'm passionate about cooking and feeding folks (thanks mom) and I get great satisfaction from working hard and accomplishing goals (thanks dad).

I couldn't do anything I do now without my wife Stacie, who has helped me through some of the toughest times of my life. I also like long walks on the beach and Pina Coladas!